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          Book Reviews                     

Remember while traveling to always have a good read with you.

  • FB2M is available at these fine bookstores:        
  •      Barnes & Noble Stores (by special order) and online
  •      Coalesce Books-Morro Bay
  •      www.pirateslair.com                                 
  •      Ocean Institute-Dana Point
  •      Seabreeze Nautical books & charts-Point Loma
  •      The S.D. Maritime Museum-Embarcadero
  •      Online@ Amazon.com-follow the link below


Tracy wrote:

Just finished FB2M.  I did not want it to end, so now I am really looking forward to your next book.  My 13 year old is a youth crew member on the Exy and Irving Johnson brigantines that sail out of San Pedro... I live vicariously thru him, and I lived vicariously thru you in your book!  What an adventure you had...With people, the ocean, boats, places and yourself!  BTW, I am a Sydney, Aus. girl that has been living in the US now for 22 years and right now, Los Angeles.  I will have to catch you at a book signing sometime!  Anyway, now handing down FB2M to Master 13 year old!  Life, what an adventure!  Cheers.

Phillip wrote:

For most of us, at some point in our lives, we yearn for a simpler time, a time of innocence. A time when the endless possibilities of life seemed certain. Long ago we felt such certainty. Now we are not so sure for life is not always of our making. In Marshall Lubin’s book, From Boys to Men that time of innocence and a passion for a life of ones choosing draws us back to those distant moments in the past. We can all see some part of ourselves in his adventures as a young man as he and his friends blossom from their youth. His life at that magical time of his life, and in our memories of those years, we can see ourselves and wonder why we never took that turn. In a remarkable series of youthful adventures from one place and time to another we are swept along with Marshall and his young friends. The book is a beautiful story of coming of age in a time of innocence not only in their lives but in our own history. Life seemed much simpler then. Had we not seen the clouds on the horizon we would have blissfully gone there ourselves. I loved reading this book for many reasons. It reminded me of my youth, of paths chosen and of paths missed. I could feel the wonder of their times in exotic places meeting people of like spirit at times and of meeting the realities of life at others. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a real life adventure and who wishes to dream of roads not traveled.

Pamela wrote:

Reading From Boys 2 Men invites Marshall Lubin to your kitchen table to share his story over a good cup of Earl Grey Tea. The adventure of growing up and growing apart from the days of our youth is the real story. For Marshall, this took place during his two year global circumnavigation which began as a Hawaiian surfing "safari" in 1964. He and his high school buddy departed LAX with starry eyed dreams of a Hawaiian summer filled with riding the big waves. He could not have imagined that this would be the first leg in a journey into manhood while traveling to unfamiliar tropical islands and beyond. His story is sweetly told and will make you yearn for the time in your life when you seized the moment, jumped on board and let the winds of serendipity take you to your next destination.

Dell wrote:

The best book that I have read.

Gail wrote:

A wonderful time reflecting back to my own youth spending time on the Southern California beaches and surfing some. Not nearly as adventurous, my travels waitied until I was more mature. A great coming of age book even if you are not enamored with the sea or water sports. The mid to late 60's was a very interesting time to be growing up with a war going on and the music scene exploding as well as youthful personal freedoms. It would be fun to read a terminus of how he actually returned to Southern California. Good enough to reread time and again to get your travel juices flowing! A must read!

Linda wrote:

With all the responsibilities that adult life brings, it's hard to imagine actually going on a lengthy journey. Well at least I can escape by channeling a bit of fantasy while reading From Boys 2 Men, a book about a light, funky trip by young guys trying to catch the best surf waves. The author, Marshall Lubin, at last finds himself while taking a plunge in a two year journey around the world. This book is about taking all the opportunities that life offers, staying open to new experiences and enjoying life in the moment. I love it and you will too...

Teri wrote:

A well written, easy reading adventure of 2 boys living their vision in Paradise. Surfing, sailing around the world and growing into men. Reading the story brought me to a calm place within myself, realizing a need to slow my hurried life.

Dp Kayak Wrote:

Ahhh, the early 60's! The world seems at relative peace (but not for long), Viet Nam was not really a blip on most of our radarscopes, Beach Boys and Beatle music ruled the AM dial, and the surfing lifestyle was sweeping the USA. Life was good for those of us in our teen years, growing up on the southern California Coast. We all poured ourselves into the pages of Surfer Magazine and dreamed of the ultimate surf safari, riding the big waves in Hawaii. Seventeen year old and newly high school graduated Marshall Lubin, along with three friends; strike out to live their dreams with a summer trip to the heavy rollers on Oahu. For Marshall and friend Charles, this becomes the first step into an amazing two-year global adventure of surf, new cultures and customs, great friendships, challenges, new skills and self-discovery. I greatly enjoyed the book and will highly recommend it to friends

Michael wrote:

This is a tremendous read that I devoured in one long sitting. The author does a tremendous job relating his personal tale while also providing very interesting background on the many exotic places that he and his high school friends visited during their adventure. It is a great pleasure to watch the author transform from a naive surfer dude into a man of the world. My only criticism is that the author sometimes leaves the reader wanting for more detail regarding some of his adventures. The book could be twice as long and still hold my attention and interest.

David wrote:

From Boys 2 Men held my attention throughout. Artful descriptions, humorous anecdotes, and intense adventure punctuate this coming of age tale. Written mostly in first person, it is a real-life tale about real adventures. Even though the story is told by the author some 40 years after the fact, it reads fresh and new as though it was happening now.

Kris wrote:

This book hit on a lot of my interests which made it very easy to enjoy. A great story about two guys experiencing the world first hand, and just going with the flow. Not necessarily looking for the experience but letting it find them. Anyone who enjoys to travel, sail, or surf will definitely relate to this story and enjoy the read.

Bill wrote:

This book is a great adventure. Marshall not only describes the places they visited in a way that you can visualize he also lets you in on the emotions of the group. The title is perfect, they start this adventure as boys and return as men. I recommend this book to everyone.

Dianne wrote:

I enjoyed the book for its adventure and honesty. I completely related to the author's youthful quest for world adventure and the "why" in everything during that point of time in all of our lives. You'll love reading it!